The growing craze of dessert holidays

The year 2018 started with a joyous holiday vibes. Festivals and events are falling on dates that seal up great vacation days. So taking some time off with family and friends is not going to be tough this year. Now talking about holiday spots and trends, people are more inclined towards ‘out of the ordinary’ holiday options. Something that offers more and is unlike the customary vacation in mountain valleys, beach surfs and trekking expeditions. That takes us to the newest bloom in the tourism – Desert holidays. With many national and international dessert spots like in Dubai, Rajasthan, Ladakh, the holiday packages promise more fun, thrill and adventure. Tourism operators are gaining higher countable profit from the bookings of best luxury desert camp tent in Jaisalmer. Desert safari and best luxury camp tent in Jaisalmer promise the most exquisite features for a holiday package that includes – sightseeing, local cuisine for meals, local lore, clothes ensembled in traditional colors, camel rides and great entertainment rides.

Luxury Camps in Jaisalmer

Desert tourism has developed in a promising way over the years and the sand dunes have become favorite for those putting up in desert camp tent in Jaisalmer for a holiday. Like said, the chords have stuck for higher notes in recent times for the desert places. Earlier, the places were considered baren and mundane. But regional tourism have upped their game, as more and more people from across the states and even across the international borders are making their way to the desert camp tents in Jaisalmer for various reasons. Like desert exploration, to experience the traditional legacy, and most popular of all to celebrate their weddings.

Desert Camp Tent in Jaisalmer

Other than enjoying the luxury of desert camps, one can indulge in adventure sports. Yes, adventure sports – which are mistakenly entitled to just waters and hills. Jeep safaris, rides on quad bikes, evening entertainment programs around large prepared fire and desert tunes are the favorite activities to fill the days in deserts.

Desert holidays are also superhit on every social media platforms including Insta, facebook and twitter. The vibrant style of clothing and chunky pieces of accessories eliminate any use of photographic filter to make the image impressions appear appealing. Adding more hashtags for food and taste would be enough to take your holiday posts to the trending category. If you are desert camping in Jaisalmer, then do not forget to indulge the extremely appetizing and delicious taste and aroma of daal baati churma and the royal besan ka gatta.


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